About Asgard Estate

Asgard Estate is a development company that buys land, builds complexes, and sells apartments.

It attracts investments and develops a network of partners worldwide.

Earn passive income from investments or build an international agency business in real estate.

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Asgard Estate develops the construction business and provides an opportunity to earn with the affiliate program.

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Earning with Asgard Estate
is very simple

Recommend Asgard Estate to your friends and acquaintances. They will invest and receive passive income, while you earn with the company. You can recommend 2 products: investments and premium-class apartments.

Easy to start business

Asgard Estate develops a global business: deals with construction, contracts, and transactions.

Partners attract clients from all over the world: ignite interest and collect applications.

Simple registration Without investments or contributions Can be done without experience or knowledge
3% - 15% Based on the amount of attracted investments
3% - 11% Based on the selling price of the apartment

Get a step-by-step guide on how to register and become a partner

For example, if an investor invests $100,000, then you will receive from $3,000 to $15,000

If a person buys an apartment for $200,000, then your income will be at least $6,000

Partners choose Asgard Estate because it's a straightforward business in the real estate market, with minimal risks and stable income.

Roman Bondar
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Attract Investments

People with capital are always looking for investment options because money devalues due to inflation. You can recommend investments with Asgard Estate.

Asgard Estate is expanding its business in new countries, building ambitious projects, and inviting partners to collaborate.

Attract investments for land and apartment purchases. Receive a bonus from 3% to 15% for attracting funds. The bonus is paid immediately after the transaction. The company regularly holds educational webinars and business conferences.

Income: 3-15% of the deal

Payment: immediately after the deal

Investment: not required

Motivation system and bonuses

There are tools and training

Your Income
$1 000
$1 000
$5 000
$1 000
$35 000
$1 000
$100 000
$3 000
$200 000
$5 000
$350 000
$7 000
$700 000
$10 000
$1 million
$20 000
$2.5 million
$30 000
$5.5 million
$100 000
$43 million
$200 000
$100 million

Receive up to 15% of the investment volume

The more investment volume you attract, the higher the percentage of the investment amount you will receive. Get instructions on how to become a partner.

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+370 partners have joined

For example, if you personally invest $3,000 and collectively attract $200,000, then you will receive 9% of the income from each investment.

Roman Bondar
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Sell apartments

236 600 USD


235 000 USD


to the sea 10 min

240 000 USD


to the sea 15 min

135 000 USD

Northern Cyprus

to the sea 2 min

189 400 USD


to the sea 5 min

944 600 USD


to the sea 10 min

250 000 USD

Northern Cyprus

to the sea 10 min

462 000 USD


to the sea 2 min

Sell real estate from Asgard Estate and other developers. Receive 3% - 11% of the apartment's value. The bonus is credited immediately after paying 30% for the apartment.

Customers purchase real estate on the Asgard Real Estate online platform. Use the referral link to secure clients. The sales department processes all applications.

Income: from 3% to 11%

Payment: after making 30%

Task: get applications

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Everyone can find their role in real estate and earn stable income with Asgard Estate.

Roman Bondar
partner Asgard Estate

Our Team
Will Provide Tools

Get free tools for developing your affiliate business:

1. Access to top marketer's expertise

2. Personal website just like this one

3. Telegram bot with funnel and mailing

4. Affiliate business tools

5. Assistance with advertising and marketing

6. Scripts for effective sales

7. Regular webinars and training

8. Offline events in different countries

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Now you can review the instructions on how to become a partner and develop your business with Asgard Estate

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1. Do you have experience in business?

  • A: No experience, I'm a beginner
  • B: I have experience in business
  • C: I have a successful business


2. What specifically attracted you to Asgard Estate?

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3. What is your main goal?

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How else to earn
with Asgard Estate

Asgard Estate is a development company that buys land, constructs complexes, and sells apartments.

to the Telegram channel

On the Telegram channel you will receive information faster than others:

Monitor the construction process

Learn about new projects

Study the real estate market

Watch educational webinars

Get apartments at the best prices

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Answering Questions

1. How much can you earn?

You can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. It depends on your effectiveness: how many investors you can attract and the amounts involved. It's wise to attract financially capable individuals who have capital and are seeking investment opportunities.

When you attract investments, you'll earn from 3% to 15% of the investment amount. The more people invest, the more you earn.

Your success is in your hands. Our team will help you get started and show you the best path for rapid growth.

2. How is income credited?

Income is credited instantly in USDT cryptocurrency to your account in the Asgard Estate personal cabinet.

3. How do I withdraw income?

You can withdraw income in USDT to any cryptocurrency wallet, such as Metamask. You can also withdraw to any cryptocurrency exchange, like Binance. Withdrawal takes less than 2 minutes.

Once the money is in your wallet or exchange, you can exchange it for any currency and withdraw to a bank card. You'll receive step-by-step instructions on how to do this. It's very simple, just a few clicks.

4. Do I need to invest anything?

You can start without investments, in which case your income will only be 3% of the transaction amount. That is, you'll receive 3% from each investment you attract.

To increase income from 3% to 15%, you need to be a client of the company and increase the investment volume. To become a client, you need to make an investment of at least $1000 and earn passive income.

If you intend to promote the Asgard Estate company, it's important to be a client of the company. This is logical and correct. You should have a clear understanding of what you're recommending and should have personal experience using Asgard Estate products. This will be useful when communicating with potential clients and will increase sales effectiveness.

5. Where does the company get the money to pay income?

Asgard Estate pays income from the marketing budget. Every business has a marketing and advertising budget. Instead of spending money on advertising, Asgard Estate pays rewards and bonuses to partners. This strategy brings more profit than traditional advertising. Loyal and motivated partners successfully promote the Asgard Estate company and receive generous rewards.

The marketing budget is formed from the income from apartment sales. The company builds complexes, sells apartments, and generates income. Part of this income goes to partners for bringing in clients.

6. How can I track partners' investments?

In your Asgard Estate personal cabinet, you can see all your partners and the income you've received. You'll receive a notification in Telegram when your client makes an investment.

7. How quickly will I receive profits?

You receive rewards from the partner program instantly after the client makes an investment. How quickly you acquire your first clients depends on your work. Join our team to get support at the start.

8. In which countries does Asgard Estate operate?

Asgard Estate builds complexes in Turkey, Georgia, and Dubai. Each country has subsidiary companies where land plots are registered. The headquarters company is registered in Dubai.

You can attract clients from around the world. Many Europeans invest in real estate in Turkey, Dubai, and Georgia.

9. Do I need to sign any documents?

All agreements are made online. To become a partner, you don't need to have any special documents or sign any contracts. Just register on the website and get a referral link. When registering on the site, you'll need to agree to the rules: provide truthful information to clients, not mislead them, not tarnish the company's reputation, conduct business honestly and ethically..

Investors who invest in land or apartments sign a legal agreement with the company. More details on this here: View documents for investors

10. What do I need to start a business?

Fill out the form and submit the application. Then you'll be taken to a step-by-step guide on how to register on the Asgard platform and become a partner. After registration, you'll receive a referral link and can start attracting clients. We recommend contacting your mentor to get support.