About Asgard Estate

Asgard Estate is a development company that buys land, builds complexes, and sells apartments.

It attracts investments and develops a network of partners worldwide.

Earn passive income from investments or build an international agency business in real estate.

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How it works

Asgard Estate invites investors to finance the purchase of land for residential complexes and earn 2.5% monthly, which will be 30% annually. As well as invest in apartments at early stages of construction for resale with a income of up to 50%.

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Invest with Asgard Estate if it's important for you that your money works for you and steadily generates income without the risk of losing funds.

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Invest in land

Funds are used to purchase land for the construction of elite residential complexes.

Asgard Estate builds a premium residential complex on this land. Income is generated from the sale of apartments. Investors receive 30% per year, or 2.5% per month. After a year, they withdraw the funds they invested.

The transaction is concluded by a legal contract. Thus, the investor is protected until the company fulfills all its obligations and pays out the income with the investment principal.

Income: 30% per year

Investment: from $1000

Deal term: 12 months

Payment: 2.5% per month

Guarantee: contract

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Invest in apartments

Invest in apartments at an early stage of construction for resale. Asgard Estate builds a premium complex with its own funds, sells apartments and shares profits with investors.

You can buy a whole apartment or a share. Profitability up to 50% on capital. Investors receive income after the sale of all apartments. The construction and sale of apartments period is up to 12 months.

The deal is executed with the ownership of the apartment. Early withdrawal of funds is not provided.

Profitability: up to 50%

Investment: from $1000

Deal term: 12 months

Payment: after all sales

Guarantee: rights to the apartment

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Asgard Estate builds eco-friendly premium complexes that are in growing demand among wealthy people.

Roman Bondar
partner Asgard Estate

Asgard Estate Projects

We work worldwide: Dubai, Turkey, Georgia and other regions.

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