About Asgard Estate

Asgard Estate is a development company that buys land, builds complexes, and sells apartments.

It attracts investments and develops a network of partners worldwide.

Earn passive income from investments or build an international agency business in real estate.

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How it works

Partners attract clients who want to buy premium real estate.

When a client goes to the Asgard Realty platform through a referral link, they are permanently secured to the partner. With each purchase made by this client, the partner receives 3% to 11% of the apartment's cost.

People choose Asgard Estate because it's a clear business in the real estate market, with minimal risks and stable income.

Roman Bondar
partner Asgard Estate

Realtors Can't...

Sell real estate worldwide and earn significantly

Access a database of international properties and developers

Directly work with developers

Earn commissions 2-3 times lower than local realtors

Because they're not registered as a local company with an account in the currency of that country.

New Opportunities
from Asgard Estate

For Realtors, Marketers, and Entrepreneurs

Sell real estate worldwide

Without bureaucracy and legal complexities

With a commission of 3-11% of the apartment's value

Using the partner program and marketplace with a referral system.

Secure Clients Permanently and Earn Income

If a client registers through your referral link, they will be permanently tied to you. With each of their purchases, you'll receive a commission. Other realtors won't be able to intercept the client.

Establish a Real Estate Agency with Asgard Estate

Utilize Asgard Estate resources to sell real estate to your clients. Gain access to property databases, marketing tools, training. Attract clients and earn 3-11% commission.

Without Bureaucracy
and Legal Support

Receive a reward for a client immediately after they pay 30% for the apartment and don't worry about their support. The company takes care of all paperwork, installment payments, and issue resolution.

Safe Deals Through a Reliable Platform

If you bring a client to the Asgard Realty platform, after selling the apartment, you'll receive a 100% commission. Neither the developer nor other realtors can appropriate your work and income.

and Developer
Database Worldwide

Asgard Estate builds properties worldwide and collaborates with other developers. We're developing an international real estate sales platform that our partners can use.

Earn More from Sales
at an Early Stage

Get exclusive access to early-stage sales and learn about the earliest offers faster than other realtors. The best conditions and low prices are great value for clients.

Demand for Asgard Estate complexes is growing among affluent individuals, and apartments are being purchased even during the construction phase.

Roman Bondar
партнер Asgard Estate

Premium class

RC «Asgard Towers»

Tbilisi, Georgia

2 blocks, 18 floors each

Rooftop restaurant, underground parking, supermarket

Walking distance to any attraction in the center along the embankment

Market, bus station, central clinic within walking distance


RC «Lisi Premium»

Tbilisi, Georgia

Only 22 apartments

800 meters to Lisi Lake

The complex is located in an elite area and surrounded by private villas worth over $1 million

Uninterrupted electricity, water, gas, house built of red brick


RC «Eco Premium»

Avsallar, Turkey

2 blocks, 24 apartments each

Coniferous forest, 800 meters to the sea

Red brick, solar panels, piping for gas and radiator outlets

Artesian well, pool, gym, sauna, cinema, BBQ area with gazebos, parking


Asgard Estate is growing rapidly and offers everyone the opportunity to earn from selling luxury real estate.

Roman Bondar
partner Asgard Estate

How to Become a Partner
and Start Selling Apartments

Roman Bondar

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Asgard Estate is a development company that buys land, constructs complexes, and sells apartments.

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